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Ashraf Industries (PVT.) Ltd.
Hussnain Dawood Oil & Ghee M.Ashraf Gomal (PVT.) Ltd. 

Ashraf Match (Pvt.) Ltd.

Ashraf Flour and General Mills 

M3 Custom Homes

Ashraf Marketing

Modern House

Ashraf Properties

Welcome to Ashraf Group

A family owned and vertically integrated agricultural commodities firm headquartered here in Northern Pakistan. Fueled by progressive thought and recognizing the value of innovation, Ashraf Group of Industries swiftly adapt operations and practices to meet the market’s ever changing demands. A proud tradition of innovation and success spanning over three generations and almost 60 years has seen the business grow to include Ashraf Grains, Ashraf Ghee & Vegetable Oils, Ashraf Match, Ashraf Properties, and Ashraf Americas.

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