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Ashraf Group of Companies, USA

Ashraf Group of Companies is a subsidiary of Ashraf Group of Industries Pvt. Ltd. (AGI) which is one of the leading trade group involved in diversified manufacturing and import and export activities worldwide. AGI was established in 1949. AGI is built on honesty, hard work and quality given to its clients. The Company was built by its founder Haji Muhmmad Ashraf, and then his sons, who have orchestrated the Company like clockwork. As the years have progressed each director plays a vital role and now their predecessors leading them further in the future. Ashraf Group of Companies, Inc. is a proud branch to its founder Company. Whether you are a small business owner to a multimillion corporation the Company sees you as partner we can work with towards mutual success. Ashraf Group of Companies welcomes all new and old clients with warm greetings!

Ashraf Marketing International, Inc.

Leading Marketing divisions for North America in Trade. Ashraf Marketing International has been a registered company in United States since 2003. Ashraf Marketing deals with multitude of business products and services including a financial division that has been providing quick and professional financial services to small businesses pridominantly in state of Florida. We also have a business training division that provides professional business training to up and coming businesses in United States, UAE and Thailand. Our group of professional trainers provide new businesses with all the expertise and tools to succeed in the competitive market place. Our Real Estate division has helped several investors purchase excellent short term and long term rental properties in the past 5 years.

Ashraf Sports Managment, LLC.

Ashraf sports management,LLC was launched in 2013 as part of our vision to use sports to develop ethics and teamwork in the youth. we have sponsored several tournaments for youth. Currently our focus has been on cricket but very soon we will be launching a soccer league in Pakistan.

Ashraf Convenience, Inc.

Ashraf convenience was formed in 2010. Ashraf Convenience currently owns franchise rights to 7-eleven location in orlando.


7-eleven is the world's largest convenience store brand and we are proud to be associated with a wonderful brand like 7-eleven.

Boom Boom Cricket USA, Inc.

Boom Boom Cricket USA was formed in 2009. We have the exclusive distribution rights to the global brand Boom Boom in the United States.


Boom Boom has been associated with major international teams across the world and has sponsored international legends like Shahid Afridi, Abdul Razzaq, Muhammad Hafeez, Herchelle Gibbs and a long list of professional players.

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