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Ashraf Grain is a privately owned grain company headquartered in Peshawar, Pakistan. Ashraf Grain Company merchandises and warehouses wheat, corn, safflower, rice and other grains through facilities located in the Northern & Southern Pakistan. For nearly 60 years, Ashraf Grain Company has built its business around the cornerstones of innovation and service.


Continually striving to improve operations and stay on the leading edge of technological and industry advancements, Ashraf Grain provides its teams with the best tools to deliver premium products. The company actively promotes variety of grains, and consistently seeks out new crop varieties to offer customers the best of what the grain market has to offer. Ashraf Grain has built its reputation around servicing the customer; aiming to not only meet but exceed expectations. Company priorities include being prompt, professional and responsive to all customer needs. This attitude can be expected from field representatives and elevator workers to accounting staff and office personnel. To support excellence in customer service, we take pride in our swift, accurate arrangements with growers helping to ensure the Ashraf Grain customer experience is a positive one from order to delivery.

Ashraf Flour Pvt. Ltd.


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